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Mother’s Table is where we doulas put on our aprons and serve the mamas in our midst. We’ll fill your mug, bring you a plate of snacks, hold your little one so you can chow down, and all around a table of common ground - we are mothers. It’s a time of sharing, listening, laughing, crying. Mother’s Table is for those expecting a little one via pregnancy, adoption or fostering or you have a baby up to 12 months in age. 

No matter how you plan to birth or how birth happens, we have put this interactive class together to serve anyone. Whether you need a refresher on approaching labor in a holistic manner or this is your first time exploring this important aspect of labor, through discussion and hands-on learning activities, we learn why and how to engage the heart, mind and body together for a peaceful, empowering and satisfying birth experience. In the beginning of this class we also give opportunity for attendees to submit birth-related questions or topics on paper that they want the doulas to answer or respond to.

Learn, discuss and review the physical, emotional, mental, relational, social and financial changes that this major life transition can bring about. Attendees receive a thorough understanding of the 6-8 week postpartum period and create a personal postpartum plan to gracefully embrace postpartum recovery and changes, and to prevent possible mental illness (occurs in 1 in 5-7 American women). 

This written postpartum plan will explore postpartum from all angles:
• a day to day breakdown of changes and emotions
• caring for and bonding with baby
• how partners can care for and support one another
• sleep cycles
• motherly intuition and instinct
• breastfeeding and bottle feeding
• sex and intimacy
• diet - meal and snack ideas
• returning to work
• risk factors and signs of postpartum depression and anxiety
• self-care habits
• physical healing (vaginal and cesarean birth) and recovery
• choosing a care provider
• setting boundaries & communication with family and friends
• recognizing, inviting and receiving help and support
• financial planning

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth baby, we have curated this retreat to be a pool of refreshment for you in every way. From the calming atmosphere that Hope Valley Wellness Retreat Center (Newark, Ohio) provides through it’s lodging and 45 acres of nature to the nutrient-rich meals and snacks, massage therapy, down-time opportunities, mini education classes and the mental health professional we will have on-site, we hope for this to be a weeked that nourishes and refreshes you deeply on the inside. This retreat is for expecting mothers (pregnancy or adoption) and one support person.


Some down-time opportunities include: campfire, fishing, row and paddle boating, hiking trails and labyrinth, basketball, volleyball, hammocks and resting chairs, wall-hanging craft, mocktail happy hour


Friday, September 20 @ 4:00pm - Sunday, September 22nd @ 12:00pm

Register Here:

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