Licking County natives and residents, Ally, Hannah and Allison, formed the Licking County Doula Collective (LCDC) in June 2019. With their various certifications, training and experiences in birth work, as well as being mothers themselves, they saw the care and support they could offer to women and families in Licking County.

With thousands of babies born each year in Licking County, there is room to grow compassionate, personalized, and evidence-based childbirth support and education. The Licking County Doula Collective seeks to uplift and empower individuals and families within their unique circumstances and story. The LCDC doulas believe supported parents make confident parents, confident parents make strong families, and that strong families contribute to a strong and healthy society. 

Research tells us that women are most satisfied in their birth experiences, for the short and long term, when they feel they are personally in control and the primary decision maker for themselves and their baby(ies). The Licking County Doula Collective is passionate about equipping families to have a satisfying birth experience through the services they offer.

As pregnancy, birth and postpartum are bound in legacy, this life experience touches generations.  With this in mind, the collective holds a multi-generational vision for the work they do. It is the Licking County Doula Collective’s desire to uphold this sacred beginning of life that connects humanity across cultures, nations and time.